I have been researching my Family Tree for over five years now…. In the grand scheme of things i am a rookie, a small fish in a big pond! I have the concentration span of a goldfish so it does not always bode well. I start researching Grandma and 6 hours later the kids have destroyed the house, the dog is eating sofa cushions and i’m in my own world reading about the brother of a husband of a sixth cousin three times removed’s Dog that worked on a railway. I love expanding my tree and seeing the names build up, but what i love more than anything is researching particular members. Seeing how they lived, unlocking their skeletons. It always baffles me why people keep it hidden their secrets of the past…. good or bad, they help to shape a family…. If not for the family branches of my past, i might not be who i am today. So i hope you enjoy what i have to share, i am always willing to help where i can and if you see any names that you believe we share in our tree, please feel free to get in touch.