Part 34 of the news…….

I’ve decided…. I like Dom…..  His speech today, in my opinion, was heartfelt, emotional and i believed him. For the record i distrust most people …. So…. that’s progress. A politician and i believed him. Madness. Much like Matty yesterday getting emotional whilst talking about the horrific circumstances of a 13 year old boy dying […]

Me and K have our tinfoil hats… Do you?

My beautiful friend K texts me everyday, we have intellectually stimulating conversations about various things to keep our mind ticking. Sex Dolls, Red Neck Gay Tiger Tamers (Carole Fuckin’ Baskin), Idiots we hate from school, Facebook arguments AND she always keeps me up to date on the newest conspiracy theories. Today’s was a good one…. […]

Part 33 of the News…..

….. Nicola Sturgeon has already jumped the gun and announced that the lockdown will be extended come Thursday ……. She likes getting in there first doesn’t she. Fiesty little Scot! People seem shocked?! What are they expecting? Do they reckon Boris, Witty and Vallance are just going to walk out on Thursday wearing their shorts […]

I’m still alive…..

The news I’ve actually not watched for the past 2 days, apart from a quick glance at breaking news and watching Boris’s sweet little post from home yesterday. I’m actually feeling quite under the weather…. I think it’s Hayfever and just feeling blergh…. Although i do assume it’s Covid19, despite having no Covid19 symptoms whatsoever […]

Part 32 of the News……

Today was headed up by Matty, Ruth and Van-Tam. The news was similar to the past few days, more PPE on the way, sharing the awful figures etc BUT what i did like about today is that Matty seemed very strong in his stance to say “No that’s bollocks” (less of the bollocks obviously) when […]

Want vs Need….

Update on the kids sacrificing the cat….. They didn’t BUT…. I walked into B’s room to make sure he was alive and he immediately said….. B: Mam, the game i ordered, the bundle hasn’t worked and loads of people are complaining. Me: Don’t worry i’m sure they will sort it. B: My friend has started […]

Part 31 of the news…..

Part 31 Raab, Witty and Vallance ive heard it will be today. Dream team. They had their little COBR meeting this morning. I’m hoping today that Raab just walks in – slams his papers on the little pedestal thing (they have a name don’t they?) and says “look fuckers, stay home – what the fuck […]

Part 29 of the news……

Poor Boris. Let’s hope he’s getting better and the Journalists don’t just spend 25 minutes asking every bloody medical procedure that he’s had. Raab, Witty and Vallance – almost the 3 musketeers. I haven’t made my mind up about Raab yet. Update on Big Boris. He is stable, getting Oxygen, no ventilation, good spirits. Raab […]

Part 28 of the news…..

You know what, today I am going to take unprecedented steps today and just say a few things….. 1. Today’s conference was more upbeat than usual, except for everyone asking the in-depth medical issues about Boris as if he’s not a human being with actual rights. 2. Chris Witty was back and he looked well. […]